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Varmint Hunter

Varmint Hunter
Varmint Hunter rifle built on Remington 700 short action, chambered in .243 Win, Lilja heavy barrel, Rimrock stock.
For those of you that demand the ultimate in rifle accuracy, our Varmint Hunter line is for you. This line of rifles is designed for shooting all day long in prairie dog towns or sniping coyotes at 500+ yards.

Preferred actions are Remington 700, Winchester Model 70 push feed, or Sako.


The options are the same as the Shadow line except the Varmint Hunter will have a heavy barrel and target style stock. These rifles, on average, group 5 shots between .25 - .50 MOA at 100 yards. Accuracy, of course, is dependent upon shooter's ability. See Calibers for a complete list of choices.


Price of the Varmint Hunter starts at $2200, with final cost being determined by type of action used, finishes, and amenities.


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