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Added: March 14, 2014

Cost: $2400.00

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Feature February 2014
   Tack driving slayers....
Tack driving slayers.... Hi there..my name is Troy Greenwalt and this is my High Tech Customs story.

My wife Lorraine and I first met Richie in 1996 at the Denver Sportsman Show. At that time, I was looking to build an elk rifle. Being a southpaw, the selection of factory left-handed rifles was very poor during that timeframe. We were impressed with the muzzle brake that Richie was marketing and with the rifles that he was displaying. After coming home from the show and purchasing one of Richie's donated muzzle brake packages at the RMEF banquet, I was ready to commence with the rifle build. Richie used a left-handed Remington 700 action and built me a .338 Win Mag rifle. We were so impressed with the gun that we next had him build Lorraine a lightweight .257 Roberts on a 700 short action platform. That gun made her a deadly shot out past 400 yards! A few years later, I decided to breathe new life into my trusty old Model 700 .270 Win. The only part used from the original gun was the action and Richie tricked it out as well. The final custom that Richie built for us used a Model 7 action in .300 Rem SAUM. That gun is Lorraine's elk and moose slayer and carries like a feather! All of our customs utilize Lilja barrels and are tack drivers. When it comes to cleanup time, those match grade tubes clean with ease.

Richie does more than just build customs. He can do any type of work on your present rifle. We have had him do several bedding and trigger jobs on factory guns that we own. Whenever we go to visit Nancy and him, we usually take along a carload of our friends rifles to be worked on.

Give Richie a call if you need a new rifle. I am always looking for an excuse to get another custom built!

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